Kathryn Albertson Park

Kathryn Albertson Park is a 41-acre special use park located near downtown Boise. A haven for wildlife and quiet contemplation, the park features wide, paved footpaths and reservable outdoor gazebos in a beautiful natural setting. More info http://parks.cityofboise.org/parks-locations/parks/kathryn-albertson-park/

Click on the image 360 view

Click on the image 360 view

History & Features

A bit of history can be found while walking around the park.

The Rookery, a gazebo named after a place where birds breed or congregate, sports the red tile roof that formerly topped Albertson's first supermarket, which opened in Boise in 1939. Supporting the roof are broad beams from an airport hangar previously located where Boise State University now stands, and once visited by Charles Lindbergh.

Designed as an outdoor classroom, The Rookery's displays depict wetland habitat, endangered species, bird adaptations, and riparian management. Although most of the rock used in this park is Boise sandstone, inlaid in the floor of The Rookery are small, reddish granite stones imported from Germany. Adjacent to The Rookery is a cross-section of the world's largest ponderosa pine tree, estimated to be 376 years old.

The second gazebo, The Eyrie, was named after the nest of a bird prey. The impressive stone and beam construction of The Rookery is repeated here. You will find a rustic, lean-to roof of huge rounded beams and specially milled split cedar poles. The roof and walls frame a secluded alcove with stone benches that face an arrangement of massive sandstone fountains.

The bird-related names of the gazebos are fitting, as bird watchers will discover. The presence and songs of the birds are an ongoing delight, and highlight any visit to the park. California Quail, Buffleheads, Great Blue Herons, Mallards and Yellowheaded Blackbirds are some of the more commonly sighted and heard birds.

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